domingo, 28 de junio de 2009

Tattoo Artists - 2008/2009

A.E.K. Tattoo - Kata Beach/Thailand
Demon Tattoo - Kuta/Bali Indonesia
Aladin Tattoo - Salon de Provence/France

Leg'Yan Tattoo - Beijing/China

Octobre 2008 - Grenoble et Provence

La Bastille - Grenoble/France
Grenoble from la Bastille
Charly smiling...
Retro spiral ikea lamp

Caroussel in Mallemort/south of france

October 2008 - Burned Car.

I found this car completely burned and melted really early in the morning, on the way to Aix en provence in the south of france. This car has probably been used to make a robbery the night before...

viernes, 26 de junio de 2009

Canon AE1-P

I must say sometimes i still like to use my old canon AE1P with his 50mm at f/1.4, perfect!
for this serie i used a film PROVIA 100. One of my favorite for color pictures...
I've shot thoses two series on the same film last summer in Ronces les bains and Arles in France.

Ben on the roll...
Julie and Noemie
Ben and Yulia
panik attak!

Ben on the go.

" Si ma maison vous amuse, soyez gentil de mettre des euros dans la boite pour que je puisse la repeindre en rose!!! merci!"


jueves, 25 de junio de 2009

Some Skateboarding

Nahuel at barcelona 2008. just for infos, this mini ramp does not exist anymore...
it has been deriged because too noisy for the neighborhood...
Arnaud Simon somewhere in the south of France... 2008 - flip front lipslide
secret spot in the middle of la garigue, BC.SK8 ForEver!
Akim Sherif in Berre, south of France 2008 - Switch treflip
Willy Simon, Salon 2008 - Nollie bigspin to tail
Richie, Salon 2008 - Crooked grind
Walid at Salon 2008 - Flip fakie... des familles!
Walid, Salon 2008 - Backside flip
Richie, Salon 2008 - Flip front
Willy Simon, Berre 2008 - Switch bigspin

Javier Vargas, Barcelona 2009

viernes, 19 de junio de 2009

jueves, 18 de junio de 2009

Confederation Cup Johannesburg 2009

in the plane, just woke when landed.
lion's fanatics...

at the red light on the way out from joburg...

somewhere 2hrs drive out from Joburg.