domingo, 30 de agosto de 2009

sábado, 29 de agosto de 2009

humeur du jour...

Raz le bol des marees qui bercent ma vie, comme ces rats qui me volent et de moi se rient... Loin de tout je pense et pres de rien je vie... Je reve d'une mer honete et tranquile mais severe... Car marre des marrees! Vivement la quille :)

Il m'arime que doucement ma rime s'amenue pour une muse avec suculent menu, lentement son coeur arrime se desamarre, derime... et me deprime!

Sans sourire car sans le soul mon rire la saoule et derive loin des rives de son coeur qui n'est plus le mien, tel un marin sans attache, je vois tranquilement mon port qui se detache...

Alors qu'a ses cotes je suis bien, je sent bien qu'au loin je fais un peu tache... et de rien ne suis que la moitie! Je sent la fin de moi et la faim d'elle pour autre que moi: son chien :)

cette amour d'ou ma rime je puise et m'inspire m'epuise...

lasse des virees de rives a rives.... a mon tour je derive ;)


Shiftyboardshop team in Annecy/France

Check more on the team:

viernes, 28 de agosto de 2009

China- Shangai 2008 //indahood

the day after i returned to the same hood, and it was this big street fireworks... crazy!!!

China- Shangai 2008

pfffff... i remember this person, it was in Shangai in "08. i was there for the A1GP and i was walking around the hotel where it was a kind of very little ghetto (little in china could be huge in europe:) and this guy saw me shooting and decided to follow me... for about 30mn he was beside me and smiling all the time... when most of the chinese living in the country side don't really like to be in front of lenses, this man looked he very liked to be shot and even straigthen the pose a few times... ahah, a good moment, he finally decided to leave me when i walked out the hood. we only looked at each other all the way, we never talked but i gues this day something happened and i think it was a special moment for both of us...

jueves, 27 de agosto de 2009

A1GP 2008 Netherlands

Summer Palace, Beijing 2008

BC Skateboard festival 2003

Already the 4th edition of this festival. taking place in "Lafare les oliviers" between Aix and Marseille in the south of France, Sun and friends were always there :) lots of good memories from this time...

Happy new year 2009

we had lots of fun in "Aile froide, France" for this nites and daysnew year's gig...

Barcelona 2008

light drawing

Wien 2008

Aout"09 in Geneva...

jueves, 13 de agosto de 2009

NYC 2009

Paul, Southampton.
i luv America
Southampton sunset
Take me!
color lamp
manequin A
manequin B
Taxi delivering
don't piss me off
PS1 looking...
the metro saint!

the Shanon pot